Want to Change your FastPass+ Reservations? Here’s how!

Looking for how to book Fast Passes? You’re going to want to check out this article. Looking for tricks on how to beat the FastPass+ system? Here’s what you need to read. Want the FP+ tiers for the different parks? This gem is right here for you.

Now, let’s move on to changing your FP+: Once you have all of your Fast Passes booked, you may decide to want to swap rides, or swap the time of your bookings.  This is an easy thing to change, if there’s availability for other Fast Passes. 

Note: If you want to switch parks, you’ll have to cancel all of your FP+ reservations for that day, and move to the new park… and you CAN’T see what’s available in that new park before you cancel.  Kind of stinks, I know, so I wouldn’t recommend that. 

Assuming that there is availability, and you’re staying inside the same park, here’s a quick tutorial on how to change your FastPass+ selections: 

To Swap Rides:

First, Go to My Plans and see your FastPass+ selections.  

Click on the Ride you want to change. This will show you the plans you already have set.  To change rides, click “CHANGE” underneath the ride title. 

On the next screen, select your guests who want to change. Then, you can scroll through and choose the ride and time that you want. 

Once you select the ride and time you want to swap it for, click “Save changes”. 

If you want to change the time of the FP+ reservation: 

Start again at My Plans.

This will then open up the rides available that day for the park you originally selected.  

So, once you can see all the rides, you can either “pick a different time” for the ride you selected, or, you can Choose a new experience.

The rest is just like booking a regular FastPass+, so you should have no troubles. It will show you your new selection, and your old selection, and you simply confirm the change.

To Swap Times:

Start again at My Plans in the My Disney Experience App:

View your FP+ selections: 

 Click on the ride you want to change times for. When it opens up, you want to select “CHANGE” next to the time listed under “Arrive Between”. 

Select the guests you want to make changes for, and then search by hour for the time you want to swap. 

If you have other FP+ reservations, it won’t show that time as available. Once you select your new time, you confirm the changes, save, and you’re done! 

If you want to see how to beat the Disney FastPass+ 3 a day system, be sure to check out this post! Need to see what tiers are at each park? Hop over to this article.

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