Photo Tutorial: Book Your Fast Passes!

If it’s your first time at Disney World, booking your FastPass+’s may be a bit daunting. I’m going to break down to step by step for you to make it as simple as possible.

If you’re a FP+ pro, and just want to a reminder of the tiers for Epcot, Hollywood Studios, and Animal Kingdom, see this post.

If you want to know how to make changes to your FP+ because you’ve already booked them, check out this post. Looking for how to Beat the FastPass+ system? This is what you need to read. Want to know the different tiers in each park, and if it’s worth getting a FP+ for the ride? Here’s the answers.

Here’s a few things to note before you get started: 

  1. Walt Disney World does not use paper Fast Passes. Everything is on your MagicBand, and it’s all reserved ahead of time.
  2. Make sure you have linked your park tickets to you account in My Disney Experience. If you need help with that, you can google it.
  3. Make sure you connect everyone in your party in My Disney Experience before booking your fast passes. Each FastPass+ Selection is PERSONALIZED, so it’s important you’re all connected. 
  4. You can reserve 3 Fast Passes a day before you go on vacation.
  5. If you’re staying on Disney Property, you can reserve your Fast Passes 60 days before the first day of your vacation.
  6. If you’re not staying on Disney Property, you can reserve your Fast Passes 30 days before the first day of your vacation. 
  7. When it’s your day to book, you can book the Fast Passes for the entire length of your stay, you don’t have to book one day at a time. 
  8. For Epcot, Animal Kingdom, and Hollywood Studios, the Fast Passes are broken into two tiers. See this post if you want to know which rides fall into what tiers.
    1. Tier One: Headliner roller coasters (usually with the longest wait times). 
    2. Tier Two: Other attractions that include roller coasters, shows, and character meet & greets.

On your vacation:

  1. Once you have used all three Fast Passes at the park, you can then continually book one fast pass at a time, no matter what tier, at any park.
  2. As soon as you tap into your third ride, you can book your fourth fast pass. As soon as you tap into your fourth FastPass+ ride, you can book your fifth… wash, rinse, repeat. 

For this example, we’ll pretend you are staying on Disney Property, and your booking window opens 60 days prior to your first day. 

Here we go! It’s Time to Book Your FastPass+ Reservations!

Sixty days before your stay, At 7am EST, the Fast Pass booking window will open up. You’ll want to be on the website, signed in (make sure you sign in fresh that morning), and ready to go for 6:59am.  At 7am, you’ll begin booking your fast passes. 

On the Disney Website, go over to the right where it says “My Disney Experience”, and click “My Plans”.

Then, you’ll see circles right under the header of the page.  The right side has the Fast Pass + Button. You’ll want to click that and “Add a New FastPass+”

It will then ask you to select everyone in your party. Select the people going, and click NEXT.

Then, select the date you’re trying to book FP+ for, and select the park you want to go to. 

Once you select your park, it will open up all the rides that have FP+ available.  Take a look at the selections and plan your day. If you don’t get it perfect, don’t worry, you can always modify. 

Hint:  Keep a pencil and paper close by.  You can’t always see every ride you’ve booked so it’s important to write down your selections as you make them. 

Remember: You CAN’T book more than one FP+ within an hour. So, if you book a 10am FP+ for Haunted Mansion, your next available FP+ would be at 9am or 11am. They can’t overlap. 

After you select your time for the ride you want, you need to confirm in the app (and write it down!)

Then, Disney will ask if you want another FP+.  Say Yes, for the same day, and then it will take you back to the screen (in the same park) and you can select more Fast Passes.  

The times with a black bar around them mean you have another FastPass+ booked at that time.  You can choose to cancel your original selection, or, pick a box that’s clear of the black outline.  

You can also modify your time of day at the top of the page by selecting a time range, or by selecting a specific time of day.  Sometimes it has helped me to select a specific time to get a time window I want exactly. Disney only shows you the best 3 time options, however, usually there’s lots more available. So toggle around until you can the time that you want.

If you want to change your FP+ bookings, check out this post. 

Once you are done booking your three FassPass+ for that day, you can move on to another day.

A few helpful hints: 

  • Don’t think that just because you booked your FP+ that you’re stuck.  You can always go in and modify or change the times/rides to make your day better.  Many FP+ mornings I have spent “modifying” over and over and over until I got it to be the way I wanted it to.  Sometimes in the mornings, you’re in such a rush to get things booked that it’s a little clunky. Feel free to make it work for you.
  • I would recommend booking FP+ in the late morning or early afternoon.  Don’t waste your Fast Passes first thing because a lot of times the lines just aren’t that long first thing in the morning. We have often been successful line jumping in the mornings and riding many rides, and then using our Fast Passes around lunch time. 
  • If you spread out your fast passes, then you’re stuck. Remember, you can’t get a fourth Fastpass+ until you use your first three.  So, avoid booking Fast Passes with hours in between. Line them up back to back to back so that as soon as you tap into your third ride, you can grab another Fast Pass. Keep this in mind for things like Fantasmic or Rivers of Light. You don’t want to grab those Fast Passes because they will most likely still be available closer to show time.  Ride those rides to maximize your dollars, and then when you’re heading back to the resort for a rest, grab that evening Fast Pass.
  • Lots of people use the strategy to start with the last day of their vacation first, and work backwards.  Since you can book your entire trip on your FastPass+ morning, the availability of headliner roller coasters are probably greater than at the start of your trip.

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