How to ROTR at WDW!

Getting a boarding pass for Rise of the Resistance at Disney World is unfortunately no easy feat. I want to keep things short and simple here in order to ensure you have success in gaining a boarding pass for this unforgettable experience. I’ll keep it simple and in list form so you can follow the steps.

One important reminder: A boarding pass and Fast Pass are NOT the same thing. ROTR currently has no standby line nor does it have Fast Pass availability. Getting a boarding pass will not impact your Fast Pass+ reservations. You can have BOTH a boarding pass AND a group of Fast Passes.

Also note: in order to gain a boarding pass, you MUST be INSIDE the park at the time the Park opens. Just outside the turnstiles and almost in the park WON’T cut it.

Step One:  Note the Park opening time the night before.  Check your Disney Resort TV, AND the website/app. The website/app will be the most accurate if they don’t match. Have a plan as well: Do you want to line up for Slinky Dog? Runaway Railway? Or Smugglers Run once you’re inside the park.  Know what ride you want to “rope drop”. 

Step Two: When you know the opening time for the day you plan to visit Hollywood Studios, be prepared to call an Uber or Lyft to drop you off at the park 1 hour and 15 minutes before the park opening time. 

Hint: If you can, go to the park without bags, it will help you get thru security very quickly, and will get you farther ahead in the turnstyle line than everyone else. 

Step Three: Join the lines to get inside the park. Keep a smile on your face! The lines will be long outside the turnstiles, don’t be intimidated.  

Hint: Stay to the RIGHT in the lines. The parking lot unloads to the left, so usually the lines on the right are shorter. Also, try to avoid getting in lines that have stroller groups in them. Strollers slow things down!

This was one hour and 15 minutes before the park opened at 8am.

They usually will open the turnstiles one hour before park opening, OR, when the crowd reaches the line “Capacity” and they have to open them for safety reasons. When we were there, they opened them 1 hour before the scheduled park opening time.

Step Four: Once they open the turnstiles, make sure when you tap your Magic Band that the Mickey light turns GREEN.  If it’s blue, stay calm and patient, retap, and make sure everyone in your party gets that green light. The green light is confirmation that Disney recognizes you are INSIDE Hollywood Studios. After that, walk to the area of the park you want to rope drop. 

Step Five: Make sure you are NOT on Disney Wifi. Use your data or cell service. You’re going to wait in a long Rope Drop line now near the ride you want to ride at opening. The tip here is: Avoid opening the My Disney Experience App. You want to keep that thing closed out until it’s time. 

Step Six: 30 minutes before park opening, set an alarm and a timer

A. Set the Alarm for 28 minutes, so that the alarm will go off 2 minutes before park opening.

B. Then, set a timer for 29 minutes, 30 seconds.

This way, you’ll know when it’s time for you to open the app, and then you’ll be notified right before it’s time to request the boarding group.

Step Seven: When the timers goes off: 

A. Open the app, make sure you are logged in! DON’T click any other buttons! Just leave it sitting pretty on the home screen of the app.

B. Make sure you are NOT connected to the Disney wifi.

Step Eight: When the clock strikes Opening time: Click the FIND OUT MORE button (under the At-Ats.)

Step Nine: Click My Status

Step Ten: Click Join Boarding Group. Don’t forget to select the members of your party!

I’m not at the parks at the time of this post, so you won’t get this message if you are in the parks. You’ll click that big rectangular bar, and then you select your party and continue, and you should be good to go!

Hooray! You should be assigned a boarding group!

All photographs in all blog posts are taken by me. Please don’t use without giving proper credit to @leavin4disney. Thank you!

Comment below if you have any questions at all! Yes; the stress and butterflies are probably normal for everyone! Best of luck gaining a boarding group!

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