Those Weird Unthinkable Things to Pack for Disney

First, keep in mind you should never have to pack this much stuff for a Disney trip. However, you SHOULD pack and leave enough room for souvenirs to take HOME from Disney World.

The point of this post is not to tell you to pack shorts, shirts, shoes, etc. This list will be full of those weird, small, unique things you don’t know you need. Yet, when people travel to Disney I’m sure they have that gut feeling that there’s things they “should” pack, but don’t know what they are yet.

Friends. Here’s the list your gut has been looking for!

Let’s start with list you should know to pack:

  • Pack 2 t-shirts for every day
  • Pack a few different pants/shorts
  • Pack 1 sweatshirt
  • Pack shoes and socks. At least two sets of socks per day.
  • Toiletries, Tickets, and all the other stuff you would usually pack for vacation in a humid climate.

Now let’s go to the list of items you wouldn’t think to pack:

1. Multiple Pairs of Tennis Shoes. What? Why? I put this top of the list for great reason. You will be walking close to 20,000 steps a day while you’re here. Your feet simply won’t be used to it. One way to keep your feet happy is to simply change shoes in the middle of the day. If you head back to the hotel for a pause in the afternoon, simply switch out those shoes when you head back to the park. It will make all the difference. I never go to Disney with less than two pairs of tennis shoes. Usually, I go with three pairs and some flip flops. One thing to note: for no reason ever will you need a heel or a wedge at Disney. Leave them at home ladies!

2. Reusable Straws. This is a big one. Disney has jumped on the “Save the planet by eliminating the straws” train. While I’m all for this, the paper straws that Disney now has (that you have to ask for) are awful. In most Disney restaurants, including Counter Service joints, you have to ask for the straw, and in some you even have to ask for the lid. This is a total pain. So, plan ahead, and hit up your local TJ Maxx or Home Goods.

My favorite brand is the Manna Silicone Straws. The reason I use the silicone at Disney is because I don’t want the metal straws clinking around our backpack. I also feel like cleaning the metal straws is a bit more of a hassle. I throw these into a “straw case” found on amazon, and pull them out when it’s time. I will never visit Disney without these and it’s worth the $4 they cost at TJMaxx or Home Goods. I’ll link my amazon list soon!

3. Bath Salts and Moisturizing Bubble Bath. Alright, this one involves taking a bath in the hotel room. Which, maybe you’re into it, maybe you’re not. Nonetheless, I suggest packing these things for one great reason: Muscle and joint restoration. Using bath salts and moisturizing bubble bath will greatly help your muscles at the end of every night. I make sure I bathe in a blend of the salt and bubble bath each night before hitting the park. It helps, I promise. If it weirds you out, just wear a bathing suit.

4. Moisturizing Lotion and Soft Socks. Are your feet killing you at the end of a day at Disney? After those 20,000 steps, it’s time to take care of your feet. These soft socks aren’t for the park. They are to wear on your feet at night. You can find them in the bath section at TJ Maxx or Marshalls, and they’re the super soft thick socks to put on your feet after a bath. At the end of the night, when you won’t be getting out of bed anymore, be sure to lather up those feet with moisturizing lotion and then put the socks on your feet. It’s the socks that lock in that moisturizer and restore your feet to brand new for the next day.

5. Loofa. Disney no longer has the travel size soaps, but the big bottles fastened to the wall. However, they don’t have anything to scrub that soap all over other than a washcloth. I am not a washcloth in the shower kind of girl, so I always bring a loofa.

6. Friction Stick. This one is a must have. If you have thighs, this will help. However, let’s say you have that great thigh gap and rubbing thighs won’t be a problem. I would STILL bring a friction stick. Friction sticks can also help with blisters from shoes, or underarms sticking from being sweaty. Friction sticks look just like deoderant and you put it on those sticky spots (feet, arms, thighs, etc) and it will keep you comfortable.

7. Cooling Towel. I never used to travel to Disney with one because I always felt I could handle the heat. Well, after the first time I did use one in the parks, it was a game changer! If you’re going in the summer time, this should be at the top of your list. A simply cooling towel around the back of your neck will keep your charged through the humidity, and will keep you cool in those soaring temps.

8. Cell phone Case. I have a cell phone wallet. I don’t have a purse, just my cell, and I always have everything I need. Except, at Disney, it’s clunky to carry around and just awkward to have. So, I suggest swapping out for a slim case. You don’t need your wallet because your wallet is on your magic band!

I bought a clear case and then made this fun transparent background for the case. I absolutely adore all the “supporting” characters in Disney movies, almost moreso than the main characters. It was super easy to craft together, and I swap this out with my cell phone wallet each trip.

Gloves and a Beanie. Ok, if you’re going in summer, you definitely won’t need these items. But, if you are going any time between November and March, keep a close eye on the temperatures as your trip is approaching. If for any reason the temps dip below 60, consider it cold. Reason is, if the temps are in the 50s (or below), it’s usually accompanied by a wind, and that wind makes things EXTRA Chilly. I’m from Boston. Dad and I went on a trip in January for six days. The temps were projected to be about 55. Being from Boston, where the temps were currently around 20 degrees, I thought “Hey! It’ll be like summer!”. I was dead wrong. We didn’t have one day where we weren’t freezing. We were totally unprepared, we wore our sweatshirt and long sleeve shirt (because we each only brought one) every single day of the trip, and we finally had to buy more Disney gear to keep warm. Unfortunately, we were so cold that I regretted leaving my LL Bean Boots, Beanies, Gloves, Scarves, Thermal Shirts, back in Boston instead of bringing them with me to Orlando to keep me warm. So watch those temps. Anything below 60, and bring some winter gear!

Dad loves talking to the Cast Members! As you can see, even at 58 degrees, it was a COLD day at Animal Kingdom! Be prepared and watch the temps!

A Watch. I know, most of us just use our phones. However, I find it super annoying to have to pull my phone out to see what time it is when I’m at Disney. This is being picky, but you do pull it out often as you do have to keep track of time throughout the day with your fast passes and tours. I don’t even wear a watch in real life, but I’d suggest taking one on your trip.

Your Disney Bucket List. I create a bucket list for every trip we do, and we LOVE checking things off the list. We pick fun things we’ve never done, and try to check all of them off! They can be something as simple as riding the Skyliner to going to see a fancy show! It’s just fun, and a great memory to keep!

Want a Bucket List for your family? Message me!

Finally, a list of the obvious things to remember (because we always forget something, right?)

  • GUM! (Disney doesn’t sell it ANYWHERE on Disney Property. Can you guess why??)
  • Cell Phone Charger
  • Cell Phone External Battery (for the parks)
  • Small backpack (who needs a big backpack in the park anyway?)
  • Magic Bands
  • Any extra park tickets
  • Your Disney Trip Itinerary
  • Bathing Suit (and Cover!)
  • Wet Ones Wipes
  • Bandaids
  • Sunscreen
  • Chapstick
  • Sports Bras (You’re going to sweat!!)
  • Flip flops and ball cap
  • Sunglasses
  • Sorcerer’s of the Magic Kingdom Spell Cards (if you have them!)
Don’t forget to pack more than just clothes when you’re Leavin’ 4 Disney!

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